Onward and Upward.

Ledge opens up smart options to fund your way forward.

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Choose your own terms

Create a free campaign on Ledge to borrow up to $5,000. Choose a repayment schedule that’s right for you and throw your supporters some interest…your call.

Auto-repay with Venmo

Ledge automates fixed monthly payments through Venmo. No awkward conversations about repayment with your campaign supporters.

Explore your options

Ledge makes it simple to explore financing options from a network of top alternative lenders right from your phone, without affecting your credit score.

What is Ledge?

Sometimes you need a little extra cash.

Powered by Venmo, Ledge is the simplest way to borrow money from friends and family- and automatically pay them back on the terms that you choose.

Why Ledge?

You're not a charity case. You're good for it. Sometimes large expenses come up that require a little help. Ledge makes sure you never miss a beat when you need a little extra cash.

  • Get the money to go on that bachelorette trip, buy that computer for design school, pay a deposit on a new apartment or to get the gear you need for your new job.
  • Ledge lets you choose to pay interest to contributors instead of a credit card company.
  • Automatically pay everyone back through Venmo in a time frame that you choose up front.

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